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Few things in life can be more stressful than divorce, child custody or other types of family law issues. The outcome of such matters is felt so keenly because they impact the most intimate parts of your life — romantic relationships, those with your children and other aspects of your personal life. When these parts of our lives are turned over to the scrutiny of a court that can make decisions that will affect you and your loved ones for years to come.

There are so many reasons that securing skilled family law representation is the smartest choice you can make when divorce, a child custody determination or other type of family law issue has arisen. Too often people think that they may be able to work out the issue with the other party. They may believe they can write up a list of marital property and agree as to how to divide it. They may think they can agree to a parenting time schedule on their own.

Even The Most Amiable Situation Can Drastically Deteriorate

The reality is that not only do people often not understand their rights and how to protect their best interests, any agreements reached are not enforceable without a court order. Further, even the most amiable people can find themselves in a heated conflict as they get deeper into the details of what needs to be decided.

The ideal situation is to work with a family law lawyer who will listen to you, understand your goals and work to make sure you have a say in how your future works out.

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