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artist rendition of Will Vaughn
artist rendition of Will Vaughn

Guidance You Can Rely On During A Stressful Divorce

The decision to divorce never comes easily. As you move on toward the next chapter in your life, you would benefit from having the counsel of a reliable attorney on your side.

When you need a trustworthy and caring advocate to guide you during your divorce proceedings, Vaughn Law is available. Based in Houston, we provide family law services to clients throughout Southeast Texas.

Advocating For A Fair Asset Division Arrangement

Texas is a community property state, which means that family law judges consider all assets acquired after the marriage to be owned equally by each spouse. Asset division arrangements are often 50-50, or very close to it. As a result, you stand to lose out substantially, whether you are the dependent spouse or the breadwinner.

Our family law attorney is a reputable litigator who has helped numerous clients win fair property division arrangements in court. Through his considerable negotiation skills, he also frequently helps spouses reach mutually satisfactory agreements out of court.

Prioritizing Your Needs And Those Of Your Family

We understand that family law conflicts often deteriorate quickly into animosity. Wherever possible, we keep things civil to minimize your stress and that of your children. When it comes to conservatorship and possession orders, this is particularly important. Throughout your divorce case, we prioritize the well-being of your kids. Although many issues are out of your control, this way, you can know that you are putting their best interests first.

Discuss Divorce With Our Caring Team Members

There is too much to lose in a divorce; work with Vaughn Law to have guidance, protection and counsel. We provide free, confidential initial consultations. Please schedule yours by calling 281-699-6173 or by using our online contact form.