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artist rendition of Will Vaughn

Helping Keep Your Driver’s License In Your Hands

Driving to work is crucial for most people in Houston and the surrounding cities. However, certain traffic offenses such as driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI) can cause you to lose your license. If you face the suspension or revocation of your driver’s license, it is time to seek the help of Vaughn Law. We serve Harris County and the surrounding communities of Southeast Texas, providing compassionate yet high-quality legal counsel in a friendly atmosphere.

How Does License Suspension Work?

The length of time for your license suspension depends on the reason for the suspension. For example, having too many traffic tickets results in a shorter suspension than having repeat DUIs or DWIs. For less-severe infractions, you can sometimes complete some paperwork and pay a reinstatement fee to get your license back.

There are several strict deadlines when it comes to administrative procedures. If you miss them, you might not have the chance to do things over again. Our experienced criminal law attorney understands each and every step required, acting swiftly to meet the deadlines.

What If You Need Your Car For Your Job?

If losing your license presents a hardship that impacts your ability to make a living, the court may grant you an occupational license. This is a temporary privilege that allows you to drive to and from work, with some restrictions. Our traffic violation lawyer can help you file your petition and represent you at the court hearing to request an occupational license.

The nonpayment of child support can also result in license suspension.

Learn How We Can Protect Your Driving Privileges

If you need your driver’s license back or you are afraid of losing it, Vaughn Law can help put it back in your hands. Call our Houston office at 281-699-6173 or send us an email to schedule your free, confidential consultation with our team.