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artist rendition of Will Vaughn
artist rendition of Will Vaughn

Allies In Your Fight Against Drug Charges

Drug offenses can negatively impact much more than your freedom. An arrest, charge or conviction can damage your career prospects, housing options, higher education and personal relationships. We understand because we have protected numerous Texans from the penalties associated with drug crimes.

We are Vaughn Law, a criminal defense law firm serving the people of Houston and the surrounding communities. Our defense attorney works hard to get charges dismissed, negotiate plea deals or secure alternative sentencing for charges such as:

In addition to our attorney’s assertive, experienced and skillful defense services, we provide a welcoming environment for you during this overwhelming time. You can place your trust in us as allies who are always on your side.

Treating The Source Of Drug Activity: Addiction

Often, substance abuse is the root issue that leads to criminal activity. Many judges are willing to offer diversionary programs to avoid criminalizing people who need help treating an addiction. By getting you enrolled in one of these programs, which usually require drug or alcohol counseling or other forms of therapy, our lawyer can help you avoid a criminal sentence and instead regain control of your life.

Keep Your License And Protect Your Career

People from all walks of life can find themselves entangled with the law after a drug charge. If you are a doctor, teacher, nurse or another professional whose career requires licensure or certification, a drug charge can put your job in jeopardy. We have represented many such clients, frequently assisting them with disciplinary proceedings from their licensing board while also handling their criminal cases.

Discuss Your Case With A Caring Attorney

Do not underestimate how severe a drug charge is; let Vaughn Law protect your rights. Please contact us at 281-699-6173 or send us an email to schedule a free, confidential initial consultation with one of our team members.